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Him Names Clinton County Chairman as Campaign Chairman

Jan 07, 2018

Him Names Clinton County Chairman as Campaign Chairman

Clinton County Chairman Bob Fix, who is also the Chief of Police for the City of Breese, is on board to be the Campaign Chairman for Rafael Him’s State Senate Campaign for the 54th District.  Rafael said it is humbling to have a talented leader join the campaign, and he called Bob a friend, role model and mentor.

"Bob will help us engage the people of the 54th District who are frustrated by establishment politics in Springfield and want a senator who will be their voice," Rafael said.

Rafael represents everything that Springfield is not and everything that Springfield needs – an independent, hard-working conservative public servant who seeks real solutions. There is real desire for change in Springfield and Rafael is a fresh and dynamic leader who I believe the 54th District will strongly embrace.  He will fight for Illinois families’ needs, as opposed to his own, and because of that I am honored to fight for Him.” Bob said.

Having Rafael Him as our State Senator is so much more than his conservative record, he gets Illinois. He knows what Illinoisans need and who we are.

That’s why I’m honored to announce that I will serve as Rafael Him’s Campaign Chairman and do all I can to ensure we send to the state senate a public servant of integrity, character, and class.

Here’s how I know:

  • Rafael Him shares Illinois values, and calls Illinois home.
  • He fights for the right to life, religious freedom, and he fights for our Second Amendment rights.
  • Rafael Him believes government is the problem in our society not the answer.
  • He stands for our veterans. It’s his top priority.
  • Rafael will NOT participate in the state pension system.  He believes public office is a civic duty not a career.
  • He is a strong fiscal conservative and has been at the forefront of the fight for fiscal responsibility in Clinton County.
  • Rafael knows that tax reform is critical for small businesses to thrive, and for the middle-class to succeed.
  • His guiding principle in all that he does is whether it’s in the best interest of the people.

Clinton County Republican Central Commitee